Families First Online Education Series

Resources for Autism Assessment and Care amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Target Audience: Families and caregivers of young children with ASD

Please join the VKC TRIAD’s Families First team for a series of web-based educational opportunities for caregivers of young children with autism. This spring, Families First will highlight a topic of interest each month, with new resources posted the first Friday of each month. Learn more at: triad.vumc.org/ffp. For questions regarding this series, please contact Families.First@vumc.org

Download associated resources here

Teaching Social Communication Skills! [April 2, 2021]

Developing Successful Sleep Habits: Part 2 [March 25, 2021]

3-minute Quick Tip: Making Engagement F.U.N. [March 5, 2021]

Developing Successful Sleep Habits [February 25, 2021]

3-minute Quick Tip: Creating a Visual Schedule [February 5, 2021]

3-minute Quick Tip: Setting up for Success [January 8, 2021]

Back to Basics: Navigating Resources - Where Do I Start [December 19, 2020]

Application: Families First Toilet Training Part 2 [December 10, 2020]

Back to Basics: Expanding Social Play Skills [December 5, 2020]

Back to Basics: Communication Quick Tips [November 14, 2020]

View recording here or see video below from May 21, 2020.

Application: Toilet Training Part 1 [November 5, 2020]

Back to Basics: Sleep Tips [October 31, 2020]

View recording here or see video below from April 30, 2020.

Application: Addressing Challenging Behaviors Part 2 [October 15, 2020]

Back to Basics: Promoting Daily Living Skills [October 10, 2020]

View recording here or see video below from April 9, 2020.

Application: Challenging Behavior Part 1 [September 17, 2020]

Session Thirteen: Connecting with Your Kids: Building Positive Play Skills and Sibling Interactions [August 7, 2020]

Session Twelve: Teaching Safety Skills [July 11, 2020]

Session Eleven: Improving Mealtime Routines [June 20, 2020]

Session Ten: Family Fun: Expanding Social Play Skills [May 28, 2020]

Session Nine: Communication: Quick Tips [May 21, 2020]

Session Eight: Reinforcement [May 14, 2020]

Session Seven: ABC's and Antecedent Strategies [May 7, 2020]

Session Six: Sleep Tips [April 30, 2020]

Session Five: Toilet Training Tips [April 23, 2020]

Session Four: Navigating Resources: Where Do I Start? [April 16, 2020]

Session Three: Promoting Daily Living Skills in Everyday Routines [April 9, 2020]

Session Two: Increasing Structure within Play Routines [April 2, 2020]

Session One: Scheduling Your Day: Creating Routine in a Time of Change [March 26, 2020]

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Contact Information

Local: (615) 322-7565
Toll-free: (877) ASD-VUMC (273-8862)
E-mail: familiesfirst@vumc.org