Matt's Story

Photos of Matthew growing from toddler to adult

Matt has grown up as part of our Kennedy Center family. From toddlers to adults, the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center opens doors and transforms lives.

When Matt was a toddler, he received innovative, inclusive early education at the Susan Gray School. Intervention research promoted his language development. Our Reading Clinic helped him become a more proficient reader. Summer camps provided academic learning, exercise, and experiences in the arts. Our sibling program offered his sister support and friendships with other siblings who had brothers or sisters with disabilities. The Next Steps at Vanderbilt postsecondary education program gave Matt a chance to attend college, to explore career interests, and to form lasting friendships. He is now working at Best Buy and Best Buddies Tennessee.

The Vanderbilt Kennedy Center (VKC) has been there for Matt and his family for 24 years. Just as Matt has grown with our Center, the Center has grown through innovations and research to better serve children and adults with disabilities. We cannot tackle the challenges of disability without you.

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