Tip Sheets and Resources

Tip Sheets are one-page, free downloadables for individuals and families with and without disabilities, service providers, students and trainees, and anyone interested in learning more about disabilities and disability-related topics.

Tip Sheets are offered on a variety of topics. Some are about the science of specific disabilities, the effects disabilities might have on the individual and family, and treatment and service options. Others outline interventions or strategies for use in places like school classrooms, faith communities, or health care provider offices. They always promote (directly or indirectly) the values of independence, self-determination, community integration, and inclusion as best practice.

Each Tip Sheet is a single page, easy-to-hand-out flyer that can be downloaded at no cost. The front provides facts and information on the specific topic and the back is a summary of Vanderbilt Kennedy Center and local, state, national, international, and intergalactic (jk on that last one) resources that relate to the topic and that point people to places where they can find more information.

By developing and disseminating Tip Sheets, we can link people with disabilities, families, clinicians, and educators to important resources.

Browse our Tip Sheet collection below, and check back frequently. We add new tip sheets all the time!

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