Assessment is a systematic way of gaining some understanding of ndividuals or families in order to make informed decisions. The purposes of assessment include screening, problem-solving, diagnosis, counseling and rehabilitation, and progress evaluation.

People related to the topic: Assessments

Jim Bodfish, Ph.D.
Professor of Hearing & Speech Sciences and Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

Laurie E. Cutting, Ph.D.
Patricia and Rodes Hart Professor of Special Education; Professor of Psychology, Radiology, and Pediatrics; Associate Director, Vanderbilt Kennedy Center; Director, IDDRC Translational Neuroscience Core (Core C); Faculty Director, VKC Reading Clinic

Douglas Fuchs, Ph.D.
Nicholas Hobbs Chair and Professor of Special Education Emeritus; Co-Director, National Center for Leadership in Intensive Intervention (NCLii)

Lynn S. Fuchs, Ph.D.
Dunn Family Chair in Psychoeducational Assessment Emerita; Co-Director, National Center for Leadership in Intensive Intervention (NCLii)

Rachel Hundley, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Developmental Medicine, and Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences; Director, Vanderbilt Kennedy Center Learning Assessment Clinic

Evon B. Lee, Ph.D.
Professor of Pediatrics, Psychology, and Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences; Director of Training, UCEDD; Director, Vanderbilt Consortium LEND; Neurobehavioral Phenotypes Coordinator, IDDRC Clinical Translational Core B

Arie L. Nettles, Ph.D., NCSP, HSP
Professor of Clinical Pediatrics; Director, Office of Inclusion and Health Equity, Vanderbilt University Medical Center; Chair, Statewide Planning and Policy Council, Tennessee Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Daniel Reschly, Ph.D.
Professor of Education and Psychology Emeritus

Frank Tong, Ph.D.
Professor of Psychology; Deputy Director of Psychometrics, Frist Center for Autism & Innovation

Zachary E. Warren, Ph.D.
Director, Division of Developmental Medicine, Vanderbilt Department of Pediatrics; Professor of Pediatrics, Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, and Special Education; Executive Director, VKC TRIAD; Director, Autism Research, Department of Pediatrics and Vanderbilt Kennedy Center; Autism Research Registry Faculty Director; Deputy Director of Community Engagement, Frist Center for Autism & Innovation

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