Statistics and research methodology

Statistics is the subdiscipline of mathematics that deals with the gathering and evaluation of numerical data for making inferences from the data. Statistical data are sets of quantitative values that summarize, through mathematical operation, or express the parameters that represent a population or some other sample. Statistical analysis refers to the application of statistical procedures to the interpretation of numerical data. Statistical tests are specific matheamtical techniques used to analyze data in order to assess the probability that a set of results could have occurred by chance and hence to test for the probable correctness of experimental hypotheses. Research methodology is a conceptually broad array term that refers generally to strategies, techniques, or procedures used in applied, descriptive, or experimental studies.

People related to the topic: Statistics and research methodology

David Cole, Ph.D.
Patricia and Rodes Hart Professor of Psychology and Human Development

Mary S. Dietrich, Ph.D., M.S.
Professor, Statistics & Measurement

Jon Tapp
Director of Information Technology and Webmaster; Behavioral Observation Software Developer, IDDRC Clinical Translational Core B

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