School-Based Autism Evaluation Training: Demystifying the School-Based Autism Evaluation Process

TRIAD’s School-Based Autism Evaluation training is designed to help school psychologists and speech and language pathologists integrate and synthesize information learned in the ADOS-2 training, within the broader school-based autism evaluation process.

The goals of this 1-day workshop are to provide attendees the opportunities to delve deep into the evaluation process starting with adverse educational impact as it relates to autism eligibility, moving through the specific evaluation components with an emphasis on both quality and feasibility, and ending with important considerations for making differential autism classifications.

Training Objectives:

  • Gain a broader understanding of the concept of educational impact as it pertains to autism eligibility
  • Reflect on and evaluate your current autism eligibility practices including screening, interviewing, observing, and testing
  • Learn and apply critical aspects of making differential autism classifications
  • Audience: School Psychologist and SLPs who are part of a school-based ASD evaluation process.

    If you have not been trained in the ADOS-2, it is suggested you attend the ADOS-2 training prior to attending this training, although it is not required.

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    January 16: Knoxville
    January 25: Nashville

    Sponsored by the Tennessee Department of Education, through the Tennessee Technical Assistance Network (TN-TAN) and available at no cost to LEAs in Tennessee.

    TRIAD is a proud member of the Tennessee Technical Assistance Network (TN-TAN) through the Tennessee Department of Education. TRIAD, the autism institute at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center, provides training, consultation, and coaching services for supporting educators and developing school and system-wide supports to address needs specific to autistic students, Pre-K-12.

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