TRIAD – Communication Services

Vanderbilt’s Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders’ (TRIAD) Communication Services involve building partnerships through learning opportunities between TRIAD, educators, and families throughout Tennessee who are interested in supporting individuals’ varied communication needs. Communication strategies and supports span from brief quick-tip videos, tip sheets and webinars to virtual professional learning communities comprised of online learning and remote coaching.

Communication Service Options including Descriptions, Participant Requirements, Training Topics, and Format:

Free access videos, tip sheets, and brief online modules designed to promote communication skills through supports and strategies with a focus on functional communication skills for all learners, including autistic and neurodivergent students.

Topics may include:

  • Quick ways to take data on specific goals
  • How to include students with complex communication needs (CCNs) in general education settings
  • Social communication supports (conversations)
  • Evaluating Pragmatics
  • Communication and Behavior
  • Teaching initiating and responding

Communication Virtual Professional Learning Community (VPLC) will be open to educators across the State of TN who support students with complex communication needs. TRIAD consultants will use online learning tools and practice-based coaching throughout the school year to increase educators’ knowledge of communication strategies, use direct assessment for determining student preferences, and create an ongoing network of support through virtual learning communities.

  • Communication VPLC will provide online learning tools, remote coaching, and virtual professional learning community meetings to educators throughout the school year.
  • Core content will be covered through the viewing of an online course that includes 4 Brief Online Trainings (BOTs) on the topic of preference assessments at the beginning of the semester enrolled in the VPLC.
  • In addition to the BOTs, educators will receive up to 2 hours of monthly coaching support from a TRIAD consultant that will start the month of enrollment and last until the semester ends.
  • Coaching will be conducted via Zoom and will include pre-recorded observations of educators administering preference assessments to a student.
  • Cohorts will participate in up to 4 synchronous online meetings during their enrollment.
Participant Requirements
  • Speech-language pathologists (SLPs), classroom teachers (early childhood, school-age, general and special education, self-contained, inclusive).
  • Must have one or two students whose communication you support in the school environment.
  • A structured screening process/interview, signed consent forms for both educators and students, and a signed participant agreement will be required by each educator prior to participation in the VPLC.
  • Participants should have access to and be able to use Zoom technology and have the ability to upload recorded videos to Box.
  • Each educator will receive a certificate of participation documenting the number of hours engaged in the VPLC. Speech-language pathologists may earn up to 15 ASHA Continuing Education Units (CEUs).
Training Topics Content covered in the 4 brief online training modules will include (3-4 hours):
  • Introduction to Preference Assessments
  • Setting Up Preference Assessments
  • Implementing Direct Assessments
  • Interpreting and Analyzing Assessment Results
Content required during practice-based coaching with TRIAD consultant (up to 7 hours):
  • Direct assessment of student(s), recorded and uploaded to Box
  • Feedback and Goal-Setting with TRIAD consultant
  • Communication Strategies BOTs
4 Virtual Cohort meetings (up to 5 hours total)
Proof of Attendance **Participants must complete all BOTs and coaching sessions and attend all 4 virtual cohort meetings to receive all 15 professional development hours. All VPLC/coaching hours will be documented by the TRIAD consultant.

This workshop is sponsored by the Tennessee Department of Education and is available to LEAs in Tennessee at no-cost to participants.

Please note: Due to the ever changing reality of COVID-19, TRIAD services are subject to change in terms of service delivery. We are committed to continuing to provide the highest level of coaching and support possible during these uncertain times for the entirety 2021-2022 school year as educators navigate serving students in a variety of settings.

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