Reprise of Ethical Considerations for Delivering ABA Services via Telemedicine

Resources for Autism Assessment and Care amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Target Audience: BCBAs, BCaBAs, and RBTs who serve clients in homes, schools, or the community

VKC TRIAD and the Behavior Analysis Association of Mississippi (BAAMS) invite BCBAs/LBAs to join us for an introductory overview of key ethical considerations in delivering behavior analytic services via telemedicine. VKC TRIAD regularly uses various modes of telepractice to reach and support families and educators in rural and low resource communities, and will share foundational information based on lessons learned and a broad expertise across a variety of telemedicine-based programming. This Webinar is hosted by TRIAD and BAAMS, but is open to all.

- Highlight ethical considerations for planning and delivering behavior analytic service enhanced through telehealth - Describe a process for individualizing a service model that incorporates evidence-based therapeutic approaches that a consultant can deliver remotely

Topics covered
- Determining client needs, selecting appropriate assessment/treatment pathways, and supporting service delivery through telehealth

Topics not covered
- Billing or insurance regulations relative to telehealth - COVID-19-specific regulations, guidance, or recommendations - Role of licensure in providing telehealth

April 16 Webinar

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