Early Intervention Focused Telehealth Support Series for Providers

Resources for Autism Assessment and Care amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Target Audience: Early intervention providers

Please join the VKC TRIAD for a series of web-based training opportunities on the remote delivery of early intervention services to young children with ASD and related developmental delays and disabilities. While many home and clinic based services are currently suspended do to the COVID-19 pandemic, our goal is to equip early intervention providers with information and resources to continue serving families from a distance.

Through participation in this series, early intervention providers will receive information on the following topics

  • How to access web-based curricula on evidence-based practices to support young children with ASD. Available curricula include Communication, Challenging Behavior, Social Play, Sleep, and Toilet Training.
  • How to best utilize web-based curricula to support families via telehealth.
  • Strategies to support remote coaching and consultation with caregivers.
  • Ethical considerations for the delivery of telehealth services
  • Logistical consideration for providers and caregivers establishing telehealth services

May 14 Webinar

May 7 Webinar

April 30 Webinar

April 23 Webinar

April 16 Webinar

April 9 Webinar

April 2 Webinar

March 26 Webinar

These videos are also archived on our online learning portal with resources. You can register for an account at triad.vkclearning.org.

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