Educator Training Opportunities 2021-22

TRIAD is a proud member of the newly developed Tennessee Technical Assistance Network (TN-TAN) through the Tennessee Department of Education. Through this network, we provide interactive training and consultation for administrators, teachers, paraeducators, school psychologists, and other professionals serving Tennessee students, including students with autism, in K-12 school settings. Learn more about upcoming workshops below. Click the arrows to see descriptions.

Please note: Due to the ever changing reality of COVID-19, TRIAD services are subject to change in terms of service delivery. We are committed to continuing to provide the highest level of coaching and support possible during these uncertain times for the entirety 2021-2022 school year as educators navigate serving students in a variety of settings.

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Academic Consults [Virtual]
Academic consultations provide support to educators teaching reading, writing, or math to any level of learner, in any setting. Educators can pick specific student(s) or a group of students to target, or can identify an instructional practice for their focus, like increasing engagement or refining lessons.
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Increasing Academic Engagement for All: High Quality Education [In-person]
This is an in-person opportunity to engage with other educators and TRIAD consultants about strategies to keep students engaged and learning.
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TRIAD School Leadership Academy (TSLA)
This training is designed specifically for School Leaders. The purpose of the workshop is to provide administrators (i.e., superintendents, director of schools, special education directors/coordinators/supervisors, principals, assistant principals, consultants, etc.) with information on best practices for students with autism so that school leaders may best support and equip faculty and staff who work directly with students with autism and evaluate programs in order to provide teacher, parent, and student support.
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Behavior Services [Virtual]
Do you work with a school-age student who engages in problem behavior threatening student or staff safety, interfering with learning, and/or limiting the student’s access to educational and social opportunities despite you’re application of tier 1 and 2 supports? Are you and your fellow educators eager to engage in professional development and consultation that would make it easier for you to help this kind of student? Vanderbilt’s Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders (TRIAD) will provide coaching and consultation service for teams of school personnel designed to build the team’s capacity to support students with this profile.
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TRIAD Communication Services [Virtual]
Building partnerships through learning opportunities between TRIAD, educators, and families throughout Tennessee who are interested in supporting individuals’ varied communication needs. Communication strategies and supports span from brief quick-tip videos, tip sheets and webinars to virtual professional learning communities comprised of online learning and remote coaching.

  • Online Resources
    Free access videos, tip sheets, and brief online modules designed to promote communication skills through supports and strategies with a focus on functional communication skills for all learners, including autistic and neurodivergent students.
  • Communication Virtual Professional Learning Community (VPLC)
    Open to educators across the State of TN who are interested in learning more about supporting their students with complex communication needs. They can earn up to 15 hours of credit by participating in:
    • Watching 3-4 hours of online content about preference assessments;
    • Practicing preference assessments with 1 to 2 students, recording these interactions, and receiving feedback and coaching from a TRIAD consultant;
    • Attending 3 VPLC cohort meetings to discuss preference assessment and communication strategies.
    TRIAD consultants will use online learning tools and practice-based coaching throughout the school year to increase educators’ knowledge of communication strategies, use direct assessment for determining student preferences, and create an ongoing network of support through virtual learning communities.
  • Communication Webinars
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Early Childhood Inclusionary Practices (ECIP) [Virtual]
ECIP is a program specifically for early childhood teachers aimed at supporting those working in inclusive settings to implement evidence-based practices into their school day to increase student engagement and success. ECIP uses professional development (in the form of webinars and self-paced learning), individualized coaching, and a collaborative community of early childhood educators to achieve the ultimate goal of increasing self-directedness as an educator.
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Educator Classwide Coaching and Support [Virtual]
TRIAD’s Educator Classwide Coaching and Support promotes the engagement of all students through the use of evidence-based practices in a variety of educational settings.

  • Foundations Strategy Coaching
    A flexible, highly individualized coaching relationship between a TRIAD consultant and a special or general education teacher with the aim of helping educators implement an evidence based practice (token systems, prompting, schedules, visuals) into portions of their school day to increase students’ independence and engagement. The coaching relationship can be as short as 8 weeks or last through the entire school year, depending on participant goals and needs. Educators will participate in self-paced e-learning, video self-reflection, and virtual coaching calls to increase their confidence and fidelity when implementing EBPs.

  • Classwide Support Webinar: Visual Supports and Autism Spectrum Disorders
    This webinar will define the evidence-based practice of visual supports, explain the importance of visual supports for autistic students, and will provide information about how TRIAD can help educators embed visual supports within a variety of settings. Practical examples and printable make-it take-its will be provided to registrants who attend the webinar.

    Open to educators across the state of TN who are interested in learning more about supporting students through the use of evidence-based practice.

    Register here for one of the following dates:

    • January 18, 2022 - 3:15-4:15 PM CST
    • January 20, 2022 - 7:00-8:00 AM CST
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Transition Facilitator Asynchronous Learning Course [Virtual]
This course is an online module series that will help participants with transition planning for middle and high school students. The curriculum includes seven interactive lessons, each focusing on a transition-related topic and including a video interview with a topical expert sharing additional insight and guidance. Participants are encouraged to download the Implementation Planning Guide to create an individualized plan for incorporating these tools and strategies into their transition work.
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TRIAD Para Online Pathways (POP) [Virtual]
TRIAD consultants will use online learning tools and remote coaching to help school-district teams plan and coach para-educators in evidence-based practices for working with students diagnosed with autism.
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ParaEducator Asynchronous Learning Course [Virtual]
A set of online modules designed specifically for paraeducators who serve students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in kindergarten through high school settings to work through at their own pace.
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TRIAD Reading Services [Virtual]
Vanderbilt’s Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders’ (TRIAD) Reading services support the reading instruction of all students through learning opportunities designed to refine and expand the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and practices of educators and students. TRIAD Reading provides learning opportunities that are grounded in research, easily accessible, and customizable. Learning opportunities span from brief videos and tips sheets to individually-curated online courses with continuous, collaborative coaching support.

Training Topics:

  • Science of Reading
  • Tennessee Foundational Skills Curriculum
  • Dyslexia
  • Phonological Awareness
  • Phonics
  • Fluency
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension
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Social and Personal Competencies (SPC) [Virtual]
Social and Personal Competencies services support the social engagement of all students through learning opportunities designed to refine and expand the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and practices of educators, families, and students. SPC provides learning opportunities that are grounded in research, easily accessible, and customizable. Learning opportunities span from brief videos and tips sheets to individually-curated online courses with continuous, collaborative coaching support.

SPC Service Options including Descriptions, Participant Requirements, Training Topics, and Format:

  • Online Resources
  • SPC Cooperative
  • SPC Partnerships
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TRIAD offers Brief Online Training Sessions (BOTS) to provide information on evidence-based practices for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Check our online learning portal to access these free trainings and resources.

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Webinars are intended to create a professional learning community that engages participants in interactive learning opportunities through live video training. Each year our webinars include a variety of topics that will enhance professional knowledge in serving individuals with ASD. Participants receive a certificate of completion after attending our webinars and are provided the opportunity to engage with TRIAD consultants for coaching and feedback during the online events.

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