School-Based Consultation

Academic and/or behavioral assessment, consultation, and training in various settings to identify and implement evidence-based, functional interventions for improving academics and behavior.

Academic Consultation

TRIAD provides academic consultation for designing individualized student programming for students in a variety of settings. Our team of experts begins by assisting school staff in identifying student strengths and areas of need. Using this information, TRIAD’s team works with school staff to develop realistic goals. These goals set the stage for collaboratively designing instruction. Instructional planning includes evidence-based strategies, coaching, feedback and data collection to measure growth, with the ultimate goal of delivering instruction to improve the quality of life, independence and academic skills of the students we serve.

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*Limited number of academic consultations available

Behavior Consultation

TRIAD provides behavior assessment, consultation and training in various settings. Our team of experts identifies training and intervention goals, and then plans a customized assessment to best understand the needs of an individual engaging in challenging behavior. The information gathered through this assessment process is used to select and to implement individualized intervention strategies that are shared with the individual and care providers. TRIAD’s team promotes the use of evidence-based functional approaches for improving behavior that will build and strengthen the skills of the student, patient, or client, and ensure that their needs are met through behavior that is independent, age-appropriate, empowering, and safe.

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*Limited number of behavior consultations available

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