Academic Consults

Vanderbilt’s Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders (TRIAD) will provide support to educators in the design and delivery of academic instruction in reading, writing, and/or math. Special education teachers and general education teachers serving students with disabilities will work with a TRIAD consultant to implement existing curricula with a specific learner or with a group of learners. TRIAD consultants can work with educators to identify additional resources to use with diverse learners. TRIAD consultants and educators will use remote coaching, video reflection and/or online modules to set individualized goals for professional development. Educators and TRIAD consultants will work together for anywhere from 4 weeks to the school year, depending on progress towards goals and educator needs and availability.

Participant Requirements
  1. Educators can register as individuals or with colleagues teaching similar students and/or using similar instructional approaches.
  2. Educators in inclusive, resource, or self-contained settings serving the academic needs to students with IEPs are welcome to participate.
  3. Educators will need to agree to remote observations, meetings, and video reflection.
  4. Readings, online modules, or other resources may be shared with educators.
  5. Additional details regarding participation requirements for ongoing collaboration are outlined in a participant agreement.  
Training Topics
  • Reading, math or writing instruction for students with significant cognitive impairments
  • Reading, writing, or math instruction for students with mild to moderate needs
  • Reading, writing or math instructional routines to use with groups of students
  • Designing engaging instruction
  • Delivery of engaging instruction
  • Support in using existing curricular resources in classroom
  • Identification of additional materials for the district to consider purchasing and implementing
  • Supporting instruction for an individual student or group of students
Workshop Format
  • Online modules
  • Individualized consultation via zoom
  • Individualized coaching via zoom
  • Video self-reflection
Coaching Format Some academic consultations may include coaching, which will include some or all of the following:
  • Format: delivered remotely, with zoom and/or video reflection
  • Technology required: webcam
  • Frequency: At least bi-weekly
Online Learning Assignments Online learning may be a part of some academic consultations. Online learning will include some of all of the following
  • Format: asynchronous online modules
  • Length: approximately 15 minutes in length per module
  • Number: individualized based on educator goals
  • Location: TRIAD online learning portal
  • Homework: there may be additional task assigned, including readings, or reviewing of sample videos.  
Proof of Attendance Professional development hours are dependent on the length of the consultation, how many modules are viewed, the number of coaching sessions, and the amount of time spent in consultation with TRIAD.

This workshop is sponsored by the Tennessee Department of Education and is available to LEAs in Tennessee at no-cost to participants.

Please note: Due to the ever changing reality of COVID-19, TRIAD services are subject to change in terms of service delivery. We are committed to continuing to provide the highest level of coaching and support possible during these uncertain times for the entirety 2021-2022 school year as educators navigate serving students in a variety of settings.

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