Instructional Planning and Delivery: Administrator-Led Book Study or Professional Development

Vanderbilt’s Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders (TRIAD) will provide administrators support in creating a plan to guide their teachers in reviewing best practices for instructional planning and delivery. The text Explicit Instruction, by Anita Archer and Charles Hughes, will be used as an anchor text. Administrators will work with TRIAD to identify specific areas of instructional planning and delivery to target with their staff, the pacing and schedule that fits best, and supplemental resources to share, with an emphasis on including autistic learners in the general education classroom.

Participant Requirements
  1. Registration can occur individually or with a group of administrators from the same building or district
  2. Priority will be given to administrators, coaches, or other instructional leaders.
  3. Participants will meet with TRIAD to planning the professional development opportunity for their staff. The length and frequency of these planning sessions is dependent upon the specific PD needs of the individual schools, but will include a minimum of 2 planning meetings.
  4. Administrators will be responsible for facilitating and delivering the professional development to their staff. Remote support from TRIAD while delivering the professional development is available.)
  5. Participants need to be in a role that allows the opportunity for leading professional development for other professionals in their building or district.
Training Topics All professional development will be centered around the instructional planning and delivery research included in Explicit Instruction, by Anita Archer and Charles Hughes. Specific topics can include
  • Instructional Delivery
    • Eliciting responses
    • Pacing
    • Instructional feedback
  • Instructional Planning
    • Skill and strategy instruction
    • Vocabulary instruction
    • Gradual release model
  • Participants will be provided the text Explicit Instruction by Anita Archer and Charles Hughes
  • Participants will meet with TRIAD via zoom to identify how much of the text is relevant to their staff needs
  • TRIAD and participants will work collaboratively to identify the best format to lead staff through a book study. Options include
    • Existing professional learning communities
    • Faculty meetings
    • Professional development days
    • During team meetings
    • Individually to a small group of targeted teachers
  • Remote, on-going support while planning the book study or professional development opportunity
  • Remote support is available while delivering the professional development or leading the book study
Learning Assignments
Proof of Attendance Professional development hours is contingent upon the amount of time spent working with TRIAD to develop and deliver the professional development to staff, and will be provided to participants once the professional development is delivered to their staff.

Sponsored by the Tennessee Department of Education, through the Tennessee Technical Assistance Network (TN-TAN) and available at no cost to LEAs in Tennessee.

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