Para Online Pathways (POP)

Vanderbilt’s Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders (TRIAD) will provide partnership with identified schools in Tennessee. Through this partnership, consultants will use online learning tools and remote coaching to help school-district teams plan and coach ParaEducators in evidence-based practices for working with students diagnosed with autism. These school-district teams consist of administrators and support staff, who are able to meet 2x/month with a TRIAD educational consultant.  Bi-monthly meetings consist of additional training in Evidence-Based Practices through online discussion and completion of brief online training modules, as well as a review of additional slides, resources, and materials to use in the training of school staff.  This series will be offered during both the Fall and Spring semesters.

Participant Requirements
  • Internet access & web-capable device (i.e. tablet, computer, etc.)
  • Complete application
  • Team members include administrators, special education coordinators, principals, BCBAs, and one paraeducator
  • All team members complete the participant agreement
  • Willingness to complete multiple, live remote coaching sessions
  • Willingness to present and train others
  • Willingness to complete assignments asynchronously
Training Topics
  • What is Autism?
  • Behavior & Learning
  • Reinforcement Systems
  • Visual Supports
  • Schedules
  • Task Analysis
  • Prompting
  • Teaching Communication
Webinar Format Two meetings per month:
  • Didactic presentation of training materials
  • Reflection and review of content presented
  • Supported small group activities and discussion
Coaching Format The second of the two meetings per month is considered a coaching call.  During this time, participants will discuss live presentation of the material and problem solve with TRIAD consultants on further resources needed, etc.
Online Learning Assignments
  • Learning modules will be assigned prior to team meetings.
  • Learning modules will be completed asynchronously.
  • The duration of each module is no more than 15 minutes
  • All modules will be found on
    • A unique access code will be assigned once the project begins.
  • Each module will include guided notes to be completed while watching.
Proof of Attendance Participants will receive certificates documenting their participation after all sessions and accompanying assignments are completed.  Number of hours differs based on partnership agreement and time interacting with the service.

*All coaching hours will be documented by the TRIAD consultant.

This project is only intended for School training coaches or related personnel and this is a unique enrollment link. Please do not forward or share this email or link.

Sponsored by the Tennessee Department of Education, through the Tennessee Technical Assistance Network (TN-TAN) and available at no cost to LEAs in Tennessee.

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