What is the Inclusion Network of Nashville (INN)?

  • Focused on true inclusion which means creating meaningful experiences and opportunities to belong through participation in programs and representation within the organization. We exclusively recommend supports that are research-based rather than supports designed to allow for individuals to tolerate environments without allowing for meaningful participation.
  • Ongoing, community-based approach committed to changing the culture at organizations to value neurodiverse individuals and their contributions to the organization’s mission
  • Made up of self-advocates, community organizations, and disability organizations.
  • Not a one-size fits all approach, individualized support creating evidence-based supports for general accessibility, programs, volunteer and employment opportunities, etc.
  • Led by Vanderbilt Kennedy Center’s Treatment and Research Institute for Autism Spectrum Disorders (TRIAD)

Participation includes:

  • Opportunities for staff and volunteers to be trained by Vanderbilt TRIAD consultants
  • Opportunities to train accessibility coordinators at community organizations and provide materials to facilitate trainings at their site.
  • Ongoing training on various topics provided by experts at disability and community organizations

  • With other community organizations, community members including neurodiverse individuals, and disability organizations
  • Customized consultation provided by TRIAD consultants
  • Biannual network meetings with conversations driven by network needs and focused on further reach and growth
  • Access to network online forum

  • Communication with community members regarding inclusive opportunities at organizations via social media, newsletters, emails, website
  • Sharing of accessibility supports on resources directory
  • Connect community members to accessibility coordinator at community organizations
  • Marketing materials regarding “INNvolvement” in network trainings and activities

View Video Below:

INN Video from TRIAD on Vimeo.

Community Organizations Involved [select logo to view website]

Disabilities-focused Organizations Include [select logo to view website]

Contact Information

Lauren Weaver, M.S., BCBA, (615) 322-6027 or email lauren.weaver@vumc.org
Kelly Luo, M.Ed., (615) 322-1886 or email kelly.luo@vumc.org
Blaire Donnelly-Mason, CTRS, MSRLS, blaire.donnelly-mason@vumc.org