Community Organizations

The VKC TRIAD Community Engagement Program is an innovative partnership with community cultural and civic organizations that works to promote full inclusion of all children and adults. These organizations are prominent arts, education, athletic, and community organizations across Nashville, who readily took initiative in learning how to be a stronger and more reliable community for everyone. Partnerships include training staff to increase awareness, developing research-based supports to increase accessibility for families, and hosting an inclusive/modified performance or activity.

Part I. Staff and Volunteer Accessibility Training

  • Who can attend? This training is designed for staff and volunteers involved with arts, education, athletic, government, and community organizations.
  • What will they learn? The information provided with help organizations increase their ability to include and support individuals with autism spectrum disorders, intellectual and developmental disabilities, and their families. Topics covered include an overview of ASD and other disabilities, how to communicate with families, effective strategies and supports, and how to respond to challenging situations.
  • When will this take place? August 12, 2021 9:00-11:00AM CST
  • Register here

Part 2. Train-the-Trainer Lab

  • Who can attend? This training is designed for staff who are involved or interested in identifying accessibility challenges and solutions for individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and other intellectual and developmental disabilities and helping to build capacity within their organization. It is recommended participants attend TRIAD's Staff and Volunteer Accessibility Workshop prior to attending this workshop.
  • What will they learn? Participants will receive resources to provide in-person and remote trainings to their organization using TRIAD online training modules and learn skills to develop evidence-based resources for general use or specific events at their organization. Attendees will have the opportunity to identify and create supports to implement, as well as have access to continued TRIAD support following the training.
  • When will this take place? September 16 & 17, 2021 9:00-11:00AM CST
  • Must attend both days
  • This is a virtual training
  • Register here
Here you can find links to other network member websites and examples of supports available at other organizations.

Promoting Inclusive Practices in the Community

This toolkit outlines important steps and evidence-based practices to help organizations continue to create an inclusive culture and community for all. It is intended for anyone interested in making their organization more accessible and inclusive. This includes any key organization member who works at or contributes to their community organization. Key organization members include owners, members of the board, directors, supervisors, performers, staff, interns, and volunteers. This interactive online toolkit is free, but you must log in to acess using these instructions:

  1. Go to
  2. Create a free account by clicking on “Register.” You will create a username and password. Fill out the form and select “TRIAD” under the doorway. You will receive an email verification. Once you do, click the link to verify your account and log in.
  3. Choose Informational Toolkits
  4. Click “open” next to “Promoting Neurodiversity and Inclusion in Community Organizations”
If you already have a TRIAD online learning account you can view the interactive online course here. An abbreviated, printable version of the content in this toolkit is available in PDF format here.

Contact Information

Lauren Weaver, M.S., BCBA, (615) 322-6027 or email
Kelly Luo, M.Ed., (615) 322-1886 or email
Blaire Donnelly-Mason, CTRS, MSRLS,