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VKC IDDRC Data Sciences Core (Core E) Workshop: "Applying Foundational AI Models to Research: A Hands-On Workshop"

VKC IDDRC Data Sciences Core (Core E) Workshop: Applying Foundational AI Models to Research: A Hands-On Workshop
Thursday, February 10, 9:00-10:30 a.m.

The practice of data science is changing with the rise of powerful, flexible and capable models called transformers. These are widely considered to be the new foundation of Artificial Intelligence systems, and have proven to be invaluable tools in research. You can solve many different problems using a single pre-trained model, sometimes with no additional training on your data (“zero-shot” solutions). From text, to images, to audio (“textless Natural Language Processing”), you can ask and answer questions, identify concepts in spoken conversations, identify objects in images, ask questions about tables of data, and more, all using the same type of model architecture--transformers. In this presentation you’ll get an introduction and will have hands-on experience trying them out.

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