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New research suggests targeting the nucleus accumbens for certain pathologies.

Histamine signaling and the stress response

Last Updated: 4/8/2021 9:51:37 AM

Brain inflammation plays a role in human epilepsy, but most studies have focused on acquired epilepsies, such as those due to head trauma, viral infection or other insults. Neuroinflammation has never been reported in genetic epilepsy associated with ion channel gene mutations.

Inflammation in genetic epilepsy

Last Updated: 1/25/2021 12:05:36 PM

A unifying explanation of the cause of autism and the reason for its rising prevalence has eluded scientists for decades, but a theoretical model published in the journal Medical Hypotheses describes the cause as a combination of socially valued traits, common in autism, and any number of co-occurring disabilities.

Autism theory 25 years in the making

Last Updated: 12/18/2020 9:28:50 AM

Statement on the Death of George Floyd

Statement on the Death of George Floyd

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Early behavioral intervention — often delivered by parents — appears to improve outcomes for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Studies show, however, that the parents are experiencing high levels of psychological stress. Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR), which can reduce stress and improve sleep, health and life satisfaction, may be useful for parents of children with ASD.

Reducing stress in parents of children with autism

Last Updated: 4/30/2020 11:33:47 AM