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ADOS-2 Adv. Clinical / Research Reliability Training, 2023

Date: December 06, 2023 to December 08, 2023

Time: 8:00PM to 5:00PM

Location: Suite 4200 Village at Vanderbilt, TRIAD Research and Education, Nashville, TN 37212

December 6-8, 2023

Rachel Hundley, Associate Professor, Departments of Pediatrics, Psychology, and Psychiatry

Dr. Hundley is a certified ADOS trainer.

The ADOS-2 is the standard instrument for assessing autism spectrum disorders (ASD) across age, developmental level, and language skills. The course provides a necessary step in training for people who plan to use the ADOS-2 in research. It is also appropriate for clinicians who wish to achieve reliability with others using the measure.

This advanced level workshop involves intensive instruction on the psychometrics of the instrument, working in small groups on administering and scoring the ADOS, and discussion and question/answer about specific administration and coding issues. Participants will receive coaching of their own administration as well as additional practice with scoring. Following the course, participants must demonstrate understanding of correct administration and coding. This is achieved through scoring of additional videos that will be provided to you and through submitting two post-course video recordings of yourself administering different ADOS modules and respective scored protocols within three months of your training.

Target audience: Psychologists, pediatricians, behavioral specialists, speech-language pathologists, and research assistants will be accepted for the training. Other individuals who regularly assess children with ASD or developmental disabilities are encouraged to apply and their application will be reviewed.

Fee: $2,000 per person.

Learning objectives:

a. Select the appropriate module of the ADOS-2 for their patients/research participants with ASD
b. Appropriately administer each of the five modules of the ADOS-2 (Day one covers the toddler module, Day two covers Modules 1-2, Day three covers Modules 3-4)
c. Demonstrate understanding of ADOS-2 coding conventions
d. Calculate all ADOS-2 algorithm scores, including risk ranges, clinical classifications, and calibrated severity score
e. Understand the two remaining steps to achieving "research reliability"


Wednesday, December 6

8:00–8:30: Registration/Breakfast
8:30-10:00: Introduction of Toddler Module and video review
10:00–10:30: Break
10:30-12:00: Small group practice
12:00-1:00: Lunch
1:00-2:30: Small group Administration/Scoring of Toddler Module to child with ASD
2:30-4:00: Discussion of codes

Thursday, December 7

8:00-8:30: Check-in/Breakfast
8:30–10:00: Large group discussion of questions from Toddler Module/Video Review of Modules 1-2
10:00–10:30: Break
10:30-12:00: Small Group Practice of Modules 1-2
12:00–1:00: Lunch
1:00-2:30: Small group administration/Scoring of Module 1-2 to child with ASD
2:30-4:00: Discussion of codes

Friday, December 8

8:00-8:30: Check-in/Breakfast
8:30-10:00: Large group discussion of questions from Modules 1-2/ Video Review of Modules 3-4
10:00-10:30: Break
10:30-12:00: Small Group Practice of Modules 3-4
12:00-1:00: Lunch
1:00-2:30: Small group administration/Scoring of Module 3-4 to child with ASD
2:30-3:30: Discussion of codes
3:30-4:00: Break
4:00-5:00: Discussion and wrap-up


For more information, contact Amy Swanson at amy.r.swanson@vumc.org or (615) 322-6533.

For accessibility information or to request an accommodation

Contact kc@vumc.org or 615-322-8240 for disability access information; 2 weeks advance notice is recommended for some accommodations (e.g., Braille, signing).