Residue: from the Swaney Art Workshop

(April - June at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center)

This free exhibit features 10 charcoal drawings created by participants from the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center Swaney Art Workshop. Led by artist Kat Kennedy, these artists with disabilities explored the workshop’s theme, Residue and Renewal, through various media such as charcoal, tape-resist painting, and photography.

The workshop and show are a collaboration between the VKC and Metro Parks disABILITIES, made possible by a gift from the late Mary Jane Swaney. A talented artist, Swaney recognized the importance of using her passion in her efforts to give back. Through her support of the VKC art program, she shared that passion for art with people with disabilities of all ages.

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Residue: from the Swaney Art Workshop

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