VKC Conversation Series on Research in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: "Understanding How Research Works"

This Vanderbilt Kennedy Center Conversation on Research in Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities was presented on November 8, 2021. This series is designed to share research in plain, accessible language with the community.

Research can be complicated, especially to those of us who don’t work in a hospital or a lab. Where do ideas for research come from? Why does it seem to take so long? What are all the steps between a theory and the authorized availability of a new pharmaceutical or intervention technique?

During this conversation, VKC researchers discussed these questions and more, from the process through which potential new medicines are identified to the study and implementation of community interventions research.


  • Jeff Neul, M.D., Ph.D., Annette Schaffer Eskind Chair and Director, Vanderbilt Kennedy Center; Professor of Pediatrics, Division of Neurology, Pharmacology, and Special Education
  • Paul Newhouse, M.D., Jim Turner Professor of Cognitive Disorders; Professor of Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences, Pharmacology, and Medicine; Director, Vanderbilt Center for Cognitive Medicine
  • Ann Kaiser, Ph.D., Susan Gray Chair in Education and Human Development; Professor of Special Education and Psychology
  • Julie Lounds Taylor, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Pediatrics and Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences

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