Kindred Stories: Mental Health and Disability [Art Exhibit]

Kindred Stories: Mental Health and Disability

This exhibit features photographs of advocates and mental health professionals in Tennessee, who are using their voices to educate legislators and policymakers about the mental health experiences of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

The advocates shared their mental health experiences with Vanderbilt graduate students as part of the Tennessee Kindred Stories of Disability project. The project produces topical booklets that are shared with elected officials each year to educate them about disability issues. In 2022, participants engaged in photo sessions with photographer and parent advocate Jen Vogus, whose powerful images combine with the stories to amplify the voices of the advocates as they are taken to Capitol Hill.

Jen Vogus is the founder of AbleVoices, a non-profit organization that teaches participants with disabilities to use photography as a tool for communication, advocacy, and empowerment.

Works are displayed through November 2023 at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center.
Photographer Assistants: Sami Zinni, Alex Balkon and Brock Bordeau
Lain York, Preparator.

Vanderbilt Kennedy Center/One Magnolia Circle Building [Lobby]
Vanderbilt University Campus, 110 Magnolia Circle, Nashville, TN
7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday-Friday

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