Design and Development of VR HMDs With/For Autistic Groups; Examples of Applied VR Led by Autistic Input and Feedback

This Vanderbilt Kennedy Center Lecture was presented on September 11, 2023.

Presented by Nigel Newbutt, Ph.D., Assistant Professor in the School of Teaching and Learning, Equitable Learning Technology Lab (ELTL) in the Institute for Advanced Learning Technologies, University of Florida

In this talk, Dr Newbutt will cover a brief history and contextual overview of virtual reality used with, by and for autistic groups. He will also discuss results from his research that has worked centrally with autistic groups to explore their sensory and visual experiences of head-mounted displays. Finally, his talk will provide examples of how his fundamental research has led to working with autistic groups in order to better understand their preferences and ways this has articulated into practical and applied VR examples. Dr Newbutt will conclude with thoughts and reflections on the need for greater inclusion of autistic groups in our research.

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