Drawing on My Style: Fashionista in the Classroom [Art Exhibit]

Dynamic inclusive classrooms are created when all students can contribute their abilities and interpretations of the subject matter. Next Steps at Vanderbilt students Rachel Sarubbi and Bailey Duncan enrolled in Professor Alexandra Sargent Capp’s Vanderbilt Theatre Department classes that took place at the Wond'ry Center for Innovation in 2023.

This exhibit includes Rachel Sarrubi’s large body of work completed in Adaptive Fashion and Costume Design, as well as Bailey Duncan’s fashion designs from Sustainable Fashion.

Rachel draws in an inventive, imaginative, and whimsical style. She works in series, iterating in her exploration of ideas and themes via her playful application of bold bright colors, energetic lines and patterns, and dynamic silhouettes. Her work always represents the unique lens through which she sees the world. Bailey is a calm, positive presence, who contributed to a team effort to design an adaptive dress for people with disabilities for the fashion company No Limbits, as well as creating a collection of stylish, streamlined fashion designs. Rachel will graduate from Next Steps in spring 2024. Bailey will graduate from Next Steps in spring 2026.

Works are displayed through March 2024 at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center.
Lain York, Preparator.

Vanderbilt Kennedy Center/One Magnolia Circle Building [Lobby]
Vanderbilt University Campus, 110 Magnolia Circle, Nashville, TN
7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday-Friday

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