Lana Jeradeh Boursoulian, M.D.

Assistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics and Clinical Neurology

VKC Member

Overview of Interests

Dr. Boursulian is interested in studying the prevalence of recurrent seizures in children with autism spectrum disorders. Seizure disorders are a major cause for morbidity and mortality in this population. Many studies pointed out the close relationship between autism and epilepsy. The reported prevalence rate of epilepsy in autism has varied from 12.6 to 39.2 percent depending on the study. This rate is much higher than the general population. The co-existence of epilepsy in patients with autism can increase the risk of mortality.Dr. Boursoulian's study will utilize de-identified information extracted from medical records in the Vanderbilt University Medical Center "Synthetic Derivative" database (SD).Retrospective study to measure the prevalence of recurrent seizures in individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) who had their first non-febrile seizure.