Traci Foyster

Overview of Interests

Traci Foyster has an 18-year-old son named Dylan, who was a 26-week preemie. His prematurity resulted in a diagnosis of profound hearing loss at 18 months. Dylan also has asthma and chronic lung disease, is G-tube dependent, and has an intellectual disability.

Traci is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and has been leading parent peer support groups for families with children in the NICU for the past twelve years. These groups take place at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital, Centennial Women's Hospital and St Thomas Midtown Hospital.

She currently works with Family Voices of Tennessee, and along with the support groups, she serves as the Program Manager for the Parent-To-Parent Program and provides one-on-one peer support matches for parents who have children and youth with special healthcare needs, chronic illness and disabilities. She also trains volunteers to provide support to others.

In addition to the VKC Community Advisory Council, Traci currently serves on The Centennial Women's Hospital Family Advisory Council.