Cary Fu, M.D.

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1161 21st Ave. S.
D4105 MCN

Cary Fu, M.D.

Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Pediatric Neurology

VKC Member

Overview of Interests

Dr. Cary Fu's clinical background as a pediatric neurologist and epileptologist has always been aligned with the overarching mission of the Kennedy Center. His primary clinical goal has been to provide family-centered care to children with neurodevelopmental disorders involving complex epilepsy as a comorbidity. Dr. Fu's translational investigation interests involve understanding the development of epilepsy in Rett syndrome and the effect of epilepsy on burden of disease for patients with Rett syndrome and their families. He is a collaborator in the Rett syndrome program at Vanderbilt functioning as co-investigator on two clinical drug trials for Rett syndrome and several NIH-funded projects involving developing improved clinical outcome measures in Rett syndrome with Dr. Jeffrey Neul or Dr. Sarika Peters as principal investigators.

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