Sasha Key, Ph.D.

(615) 322-3498

231 One Magnolia Circle

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Sasha Key, Ph.D.

Research Associate Professor of Hearing & Speech Sciences and Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences; Associate Director, IDDRC Translational Neuroscience Core (Core C); Director, VKC Psychophysiology Lab

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Overview of Interests

Sasha Key’s research examines brain mechanisms supporting cognitive strengths and weaknesses in persons with developmental disabilities. Her interests focus on the psychophysiological indices (EEG/ERP, eye tracking) of sensory and cognitive processes, their use for understanding mechanisms of deficits in intellectual and developmental disabilities and for documenting treatment effects. A related line of research aims to identify psychophysiological markers of risk for adverse developmental outcomes and concentrates on the development of novel brain-based assessments for evaluating sensory and/or cognitive functions without the need for overt behavioral responses from the participants, making such assessments suitable for use in infants or individuals with a wide range of intellectual functioning.

Research projects in Dr. Key’s lab involve participants with typical and atypical development who span the entire age spectrum from premature infants through aging adults, and represent collaborations with multiple research groups at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center as well as with faculty at Vanderbilt University and Medical Center.