Lindsay Bowles Krech

(615) 875-9271

412A Hobbs

Lindsay Bowles Krech

Job Developer, Next Steps at Vanderbilt

Staff - Extended

Overview of Interests

As the job developer for Next Steps at Vanderbilt, Lindsay Bowles Krech provides systematic career planning and training and develops competitive employment opportunities for the Next Steps at Vanderbilt students. Krech provides one-on-one job coaching/supports to the students and follow-along support to graduates at work or on the job hunt. She maintains career training and employment records for all Next Steps students and supports work-study students and/or peer mentors who serve as peer job coaches for the students. Coordinating and hosting monthly career exploration luncheons and facilitating Career Tech weekly classes are also a part of her role. Krech also works with the faculty and staff at the Tennessee Technology Center to foster inclusive opportunities for Next Steps students at TTC.

Krech is no stranger to Vanderbilt. She graduated with a Master of Community Development degree from Vanderbilt in 2012. After graduating, she stayed on to work in the Vanderbilt Center for Nashville Studies and as a case-based learning program coordinator for the Medical School.