Martha Lopez

(615) 322-3972

539 MAB

Martha Lopez

Bilingual Information & Referral Coordinator, Tennessee Disability Pathfinder and Camino Seguro

Staff - UCEDD

Overview of Interests

Martha Lopez is a Bilingual Information & Referral Coordinator for Tennessee Disability Pathfinder and Camino Seguro, a statewide information and referral program that includes a multilingual phone/email helpline and website of resources. She has more than 16 years of experience leading programs in the field of education and social services. Martha is fluent in Spanish and English. She has been a strong advocate for the Multi-cultural community, especially Hispanic. Her main expertise is in breaking down cultural and communication barriers through navigating different services. Her efforts have been focused in creating awareness and education to promote diversity with positive outcomes for the families of children with disabilities. In her role at Pathfinder, Martha connects individuals with disabilities, their support networks, and public/private agencies to appropriate resources and social services in Tennessee, provides training presentations, and assists with maintaining Camino Seguro, a resource directory of bilingual (English/Spanish) service providers.