Aurea Pimenta, Ph.D.

(615) 936-3864

PMB 407914

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Aurea Pimenta, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor of Pharmacology

VKC Member

Overview of Interests

Molecular regulation of limbic system development. Dr. Pimenta serves as faculty coordinator of the Molecular Neuroanatomy Facility. She has expertise both in the use of gene electroporation for the delivery of DNA constracts that allow gain- and loss-of-function studies and the localization of transcripts in developing and adult brain. She is an expert in protein and transcript localization. She oversees the scheduling of a motorized cryostat, vibratome, sliding microtome, in sita hybridization over, and a histological workstation for common stains. She provides technical advice to investigators for the production of DNA constructs and provides training on the use of the Core service equipment. She also trains project staff on equipment for single and double label in situ hybridization and innunocytochemistry and assistance with light microscopy imaging.