John Shouse

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Overview of Interests

Advocacy, adult services, education, family supports, and government relations.

John and his wife Janet are parents to three children, including their teenaged son Evan, who has autism. John has a strong background in leadership, community development, and team building with local, state, and national nonprofit organizations. John served as the president of the Autism Society of Middle Tennessee for 6 years, and for nearly 4 years as a Vice Chair of the national board of the Autism Society of America. A 2003 graduate of Partners In Policymaking Leadership Institute, John has been an active advocate for inclusive educational practices schools across Tennessee and nationally. He is a frequent speaker at national and regional conferences on the special issues faced by fathers of children with autism and other disabilities, and also on the joys and challenges of grandparenting a child with disabilities. John was one of three finalists in 2008 for the Center for Nonprofit Management’s “Board Member of the Year” award. He is co-author, with Paula Kluth, of The Autism Checklist: A Practical Reference for Parents and Teachers, John Wiley & Sons, 2009.