Marnique Riley Strickland

Overview of Interests

Marnique Strickland’s connection to the disability community is began in 2004, when her cousin was diagnosed with autism. The impact that his therapists made on his development and communication created a lasting impression, and led Marnique to pursue a career in occupational therapy.

Since becoming a licensed and registered occupational therapist in 2007, her connection to disability has been through providing services in Skilled Nursing facilities, public and private K-12 school systems and transition services, outpatient and home-based pediatrics, and, for the past five years, Vocational Rehabilitation. Through her work with VR, she discovered a passion for helping adults (and emerging adults) with developmental, intellectual and physical disabilities to achieve purposeful, self-determined lives through vocation.It was also through this work experience where she discovered the limitations in quality community based employment support, and independent living/ healthy lifestyle coaching for these individuals beyond the VR campus.

To address these limitations, Marnique obtained additional designations as a Certified Employment Support Professional and Rehabilitation Fitness Specialist. She recently re-launched her practice, LIFE (Learning Independence through Functional Experiences) Occupational Therapy and Development Services.