Perceptual-Motor Development

Principal Investigator: Amy Needham, Ph.D.


Help us find out how babies/children learn!

The Infant Learning Lab at Vanderbilt University is recruiting infants and children to participate in research studies on how they learn about objects.

Our studies are fun and interesting and involve either a one-time trip to our playroom for a 30 minute study or a longer study you do mostly at home and make either 2 or 3 visits to our playroom on campus.

Sometimes, we give children toys to reach for and explore and we videorecord their play with these toys. From these studies, we find out more about what children expect when they reach for a certain toy.

Other times, we show them pictures or short videos on a special computer that can tell us exactly where they are looking. From these studies, we get a better sense of what parts of objects and events infants and children find most informative.

You can learn more about our studies by clicking here.

Participant Criteria

Typically developing infants between 2 and 24 months of age


A T-shirt, toy, or book to thank you for your participation.

Visit Requirements

1 to 3 visits


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