Learning through objects in infants and young children with Down Syndrome

Principal Investigator: Amy Needham, Ph.D.

Other researchers: Maninderjit Kaur, PT, Ph.D.


This study involves children playing with various objects which produce attractive light/sound when triggered, e.g. musical sound on feeding a toy hippo, or light on shaking a ball. We will also administer a standardized IQ assessment during the study. We might also collect a copy of the medical record to confirm the diagnosis of the child.

Participant Criteria

Infants and young children with Down Syndrome between 6 and 60 months


Families will receive $25 gift card and small toys upon completion of the study

Visit Requirements

1 visit to our lab located at Vanderbilt campus


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Contact Information

Vanderbilt Infant Learning Lab

Last Updated: Thursday, November 2, 2017

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