Social Connectedness and Health in Families Study

Principal Investigator: Bruce Compas, Ph.D.


The Stress and Coping Lab at Vanderbilt University is interested in learning more about the social relationships and health of parents and their adolescent and young adult children (ages 10-39). We want to understand how stress, emotions, coping, and communication skills are related to the quality of important relationships as well as emotional and physical health.

Eligible participants will complete online surveys that take 1 to 2 hours to complete. Participants will also come to our office for a 3 hour in-person study visit that includes additional questions, videotaped conversations, several thinking tasks, and an interview.

Parents with more than one child may receive additional compensation for participation with each child. Spouses/partners may be invited to complete online surveys that take about 1 hour to complete for $25.

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Participant Criteria

Parent and their adolescent/young adult children (ages 10-39)


Yes. For completing the surveys and in-person visit, each participant will receive $100 in the form of an electronic gift card.

Last Updated: Tuesday, May 31, 2022

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