Transition Experiences of Black Youth with Autism

Principal Investigator: Elizabeth E. Biggs, Ph.D.


We aim to understand the experiences of parents with Black youth and young adults (aged 14-24) with autism. Our goal is to understand issues of the lived experiences of these families and youth themselves, particularly related to (a) youth well being, (b) family quality of life, and (c) facilitators and barriers to experiencing a successful transition to adulthood. We will recruit up to 20 parents of Black youth and young adults with autism to participate in the study, which will comprise of brief online questionnaires and an interview (either through Zoom or in person). We will focus on stratifying recruitment to include parents of youth (a) who use verbal speech to communicate and (b) who are mostly nonspeaking. This interest is to be able to explore differences in experiences for parents of youth with complex communication needs, particularly because approximately 30% of youth and young adults with autism are mostly nonspeaking, and this population has often been excluded from other similar research. We will address the following research questions:

  1. How do families of Black youth with autism define a successful transition to adulthood, and what are the facilitators and barriers they experience?
  2. How do families describe the experiences of Black youth with autism and their families related to youth well-being and family quality of life?
  3. How do experiences align or differ for youth with and without complex communication needs?

Participant Criteria

Parent/Caregiver for Autistic Black youth who are between the ages of 14-24


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Visit Requirements

1 (can be done in-person or virtually)


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Last Updated: Wednesday, July 27, 2022

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