ASD Medication Study for Individuals 15-45 years old

Principal Investigator: Allyson Witters Cundiff, M.D.


We are looking for individuals, ages 15-45 years old, for a study involving a new investigational medication for Autism.

The study will assess the effects of the investigational medication on adolescents and adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), who have moderate to severe communication issues and repetitive behaviors. The investigational study medicine is aimed at treating the core symptoms of ASD.

The total duration of the study for each participant will be up to 24 weeks (approximately 5.6 months), divided as follows:

  • Screening period of at least 2 and up to 4 weeks
  • Study pre-baseline and baseline period (2 weeks)
  • Study treatment period with fixed dose (12 weeks)
  • Safety and efficacy follow-up period (6 weeks)

Throughout the treatment period, participants will take daily doses of either the one of two doses of an investigational study medication or a placebo (a look-alike) that contains no medicine. Both the investigational study medication and the placebo are small tablets that should be swallowed whole with something to drink.

Participants will visit a study clinic about 10 times throughout the study. This will allow the study team to assess the participants’ general health, social communication skills and social interaction skills. Visits may include questionnaires, blood/urine samples, cognitive testing or physical exams at no cost to you. Compensation will be available.

Participant Criteria

Individuals 15-45 years with ASD


$100 per site visit

Visit Requirements



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Last Updated: Monday, October 24, 2022

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