Special Education Teachers' and Board Certified Behavior Analysts' Perceptions of Self-Determination of Students with Complex Communication Needs in Grades K-5

Principal Investigator: Elizabeth E. Biggs, Ph.D.

Other researchers: Caroline Bell


Self-determination is the ability to make choices, decisions and make meaningful contributions to one's own life. It is also the opportunities one has in their environment to engage in these behaviors. Special education teachers and certified behavior analysts (BCBAs) are in the unique position to facilitate and promote the development of these skills and opportunities that allow their students to engage in self-determined behaviors. determination has been widely researched for students across various high school and middle school settings.

There is a need for more research in the area of elementary special education. Particularly involving students with complex communication needs as they can often be overlooked when it comes to the early development of self-determination skills. These students have a great need for determination skills to better advocate for their wants and needs regardless of their communication needs.

This survey aims to aid the current research and inspire future research by surveying special education teachers and BCBAs on their perceptions of their students with complex communication needs ability and opportunities to be self-determined.

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Participant Criteria

Special education teacher or board certified behavior analyst who works with individuals in grades K-5 with limited verbal speech


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Last Updated: Friday, October 06, 2023

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