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Multicultural Program & Camino Seguro (Spanish Resources)

This program’s mission is to help those from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds access disability resources and information. To address the needs of Tennessee’s growing multicultural population, we provide cultural awareness, education, training, and one-on-one help.

How do we help?

  • Multilingual help line: Regardless of nationality or language spoken, free assistance for individuals with disabilities and their families is just a phone call away. Our staff can be reached during business hours toll-free at (800) 640-4636 or (615) 875-9850.
  • Camino Seguro: A state-wide online database catering to the Spanish-speaking population, which covers disability issues, and mental health and social services. It offers information about agencies and its bilingual staff (English and Spanish). By linking individuals directly to culturally competent Spanish-speaking providers, obtaining resources becomes much easier.
  • Educational Workshops in Spanish (formerly known as Parent Support Group): Educational and networking opportunities available for parents of children with disabilities to provide support, fellowship, and resources. Technical assistance also available for organizations interested in developing support groups for diverse populations.
  • Technical Assistance: We provide help to non-profit agencies striving to serve more culturally diverse populations and/or seeking to form disability-related support groups in their communities.

Where do I find resources?

Search our database to find agency resources that support the multicultural community. If you are seeking Spanish-Speaking resources, consult Camino Seguro. Suggested keywords to search include:

  • Bilingual and/or Multilingual Staff
  • Interpretation & Translation Assistance
  • Immigrant and Refugee Services

Who do I contact?

  • Angelica Deaton, Statewide Multicultural Outreach Coordinator & Tennessee Department of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities Liaison, (615) 875-9850
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