Clinical Translational Core [Core B]

Director - Beth Malow, Ph.D.


Core B is a bridge between basic and clinical scientists who aim to advance the translational impact of their research on intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD). The fundamental goal of Core B is to enable IDD research to be conducted optimally from study design to recruitment/consent to implementation, and also expand efforts to more appropriately represent those with IDD in non-IDD ongoing research studies.

The core provides intensive support for basic scientists who may be less familiar with conducting human studies, essential recruitment support, maintains disability-specific registries, and works to enhance the inclusion of IDD populations in ongoing research studies.


  • Study Support and Consultations

    Provides hands-on support to IDDRC Investigators to enable the execution of studies that meet their enrollment targets, while training these teams to design, recruit, consent participants, and implement future studies on their own that will serve as models for other teams.
  • Recruitment Services

    Provides expertise on communicating recruitment needs to families and different disability communities in ways that optimize success via print materials, web, media, social media, and clinics and programs at the institutional, community, state, and national levels. Includes Studies-in-Schools consultations and connections to recruitment tools across Vanderbilt University Medical Center.
  • Research Registries, Epidemiological Database Services, and Database Mining

    Provides access to disability-specific registries such as the Autism Research Registry, Down Syndrome Research Registry, and State of Tennessee epidemiological databases to facilitate translational research on specific neurodevelopmental disabilities.

Key Personnel