Biostatistics Consultation and Education (Core E)

  • General Biostatistical Support

    Core E personnel work directly with investigators and their trainees to help them solve statistical and methodological problems. Consultations cover a broad range of topics, including:

    • Grant applications
    • Article submissions
    • Analysis plans
    • Training
    • Data organizations
    • Pre-processing of data
    • Interpretation of results
  • Domain-Specific Consultation

    Core E personnel provide domain-specific assistance, for example:

    • Genetic/genomic analyses
    • Neuroimaging or psychophysiology data analysis
    • Epidemiologic and health policy studies

    Training and Education Series

    A major objective of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics services is training and education in methods, ranging from basic to cutting edge.

    The series generally consists of three types of lectures:

    • Primer Lectures
      Introduce researchers to a topic at a basic level, assuming little prior knowledge. Primers serve as a refresher course, or an introduction into a new area.
    • Intermediate Lectures
      Target researchers with backgrounds in an area, or who attended an entry-level lecture in the area.
    • Partners Lectures
      Combine a Vanderbilt Kennedy Center researcher with a Core biostatistical consultant. The researcher introduces the research problem, and the statistician presents a primer about an advanced statistical model and the results it produces. The researcher finishes with conclusions.

    IDD-Reads Grant

    Facilitate collaboration between IDD research and data science community.

  • Contact: Hakmook Kang, Ph.D.

Key Personnel