Leadership Council

Leadership Council members Donna Eskind and Shirley Speyer

Vanderbilt Kennedy Center Leadership Council members serve as community champions on behalf of the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center. Council members work with Center leadership in philanthropic efforts and help to ensure the Center's success by providing input regarding community needs and concerns. Council members usually serve a three-year term, which can be renewed, and participate in ad hoc working groups. Council members play an invaluable ‘friend and fund’ raising role, helping to identify diverse sources of partnership and support for the Center.

The Leadership Council is led by Donna Eskind (photo: left). Shirley Speyer (photo: right) chairs the Nicholas Hobbs Discovery Grants.


Inquiries about the Leadership Council can be directed to Courtney Taylor.


  • Mrs. Donna G. Eskind
  • Mrs. Cathy S. Brown
    Past Chair
  • Mrs. Annette S. Eskind
    Past Chair
  • Mrs. Barbara Gregg Phillips
    Past Chair


  • Mrs. Honey Alexander
  • Mrs. Melinda Balser
  • Mrs. Jean Ann Banker
  • Mrs. Melissa Beasley
  • Mrs. Ann Bernard
  • Mrs. Barbara T. Bovender
  • Mrs. Linda Brooks
  • Ms. Mary L. Carlson
  • Mrs. Ann Eaden
  • Mr. Glenn Funk
  • Mrs. Bernice Gordon
  • Mrs. Carol Henderson
  • Mr. Robert W. Henderson, Jr.
  • Mrs. Gail Gordon Jacobs
  • Mr. Robert E. Landreth
  • Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Becky Link
  • Mrs. Lorie Hoppers Lytle
  • Mrs. Thomas E. Nesbitt, Jr.
  • Mrs. Shirley F. Speyer
  • Mrs. Sue Spickard
  • Mrs. Mary Layne Van Cleave
  • Mrs. Patricia W. Wallace

Ex-Officio Members