Siblings at TABS conference

Sibling Programs

The Vanderbilt Kennedy center offers support programs for siblings of people with disabilities.

At present, more than 526,000 adults with disabilities are older than 60 years of age, and that number is expected to triple-- to over 1.5 million -- by 2030. Most of these adults are in some way cared for or supported by their siblings. Although some research exists on sibling relationships in early to middle childhood, much less is known about the nature of adult sibling relationships and the factors that contribute to positive relationships and developmental outcomes in adulthood.

Services and Programs

Links and Resources

  • Sibling Leadership Network
    The mission of the Sibling Leadership Network is to provide siblings of individuals with disabilities the information, support and tools to advocate with their brothers and sisters and to promote the issues important to them and their entire families.
  • Sibling Support Project
    The Sibling Support Project is a national effort dedicated to the life-long concerns of brothers and sisters of people who have special health, developmental, or mental health concerns.
  • Vanderbilt SibShops
    For kids ages 8-13 who have siblings with special needs, including intellectual or developmental disabilities, special medical needs, or mental health concerns. These workshops provide kids and teens with the chance to meet other siblings, play games, learn about special needs, share their experiences, and have fun! Monthly meetings held Saturdays from 9 a.m.-12 p.m. CT at Vanderbilt University. Click here to request more info.
  • Siblings - Health Library, Monroe Carell Jr. Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt
    Links and information concerning siblings of children with chronic illness and disability.

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