Joseph Lambert, Ph.D., BCBA

Assistant Professor in the Practice of Special Education; ABA Program Director

VKC Member

Overview of Interests

Dr. Lambert is an Assistant Professor of the Practice in the Department of Special Education. Part of his work entails supervising the field experiences of students preparing to become board-certified behavior analysts (BCBA). In this capacity Dr. Lambert trains students to conduct assessments of the learning histories of individuals (many of whom are diagnosed with IDD) who engage in severe problem behavior (e.g., aggression, self-injury, and/or property destruction). The purpose of these assessments is to identify the environmental triggers and reinforcing consequences of said problem behavior. With this information he trains students to design experiential, learning-based interventions in which clients are shown that socially appropriate behavior can be as, or more, effective at recruiting desirable consequences as problem behavior has historically been. This training typically allows prospective BCBAs to experience first-hand how the correct application of behavioral technology can increase the accessibility of desirable environments and overall quality of life of individuals diagnosed with autism, IDD, and/or other disabilities who engage in severe problem behavior. As a complement to this training, Dr. Lambert also researches methods for increasing the efficiency, accessibility, and effectiveness of assessments and interventions for problem behavior. This research is often translational in nature and is designed to identify practical applications of basic behavioral principles and processes to real-world situations. He also researches methods for effectively disseminating assessment and intervention methodology to behavioral practitioners, teachers, and parents of individuals who engage in problem behavior.

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