Timothy Vogus, Ph.D.

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319 Management Hall

Timothy Vogus, Ph.D.

Brownlee O. Currey, Jr., Professor of Management; Deputy Director, Organizational Research and Interventions, Frist Center for Autism & Innovation

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Overview of Interests

Dr. Vogus' research focuses on making organizations more inclusive. Specifically, he investigates how to create and sustain cultures that are able to incorporate diverse and unique perspectives. That is, diverse people, diverse styles, and unique information and perspectives. He also explores the role that leaders behavior and communication play in enabling such cultures and the how the mindfulness of peers and teams help enact such cultures. Dr. Vogus explores the effects of culture, leader behavior, and (mindful) team processes on organizational, team, and individual outcomes. He is especially interested in safety at work in its various forms -- physical and psychological -- as well as the meaningfulness and quality of work. Taken together he attempts to provide an organizational approach that can help understand how people on the autism spectrum (and people with disabilities, more broadly) can be placed in conditions to succeed in the workplace. He is working to identify how leaders, peers, and the broader organizational design and culture can best support high quality, meaningful work for people with autism and at the same time enhance the workplace culture and organizational outcomes. Dr. Vogus simultaneously explores maximizing individual and organizational outcomes because he believes ensuring both is essential for increasing access to high quality employment and sustaining it.

Twitter: @Owen4Aidan
ResearchGate: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Timothy_Vogus