Expert Help Is Available for When News Isn't Good

Many Vanderbilt Kennedy Center projects involve children and families. Sometimes researchers work with children and families on the Vanderbilt campus and sometimes in community locations like schools and child care centers. Please immediately notify Courtney Taylor, Director of Communications, if you become aware of any situation that adversely affects children or families and needs administrative involvement and/or a situation that could result in media coverage--even if the Kennedy Center or Vanderbilt are not directly related to the situation--or if you are contacted by a reporter regarding a situation involving a student or family.

Courtney Taylor, Director of Communications
(615) 322-5658

We will notify Vanderbilt News and Public Affairs. Vanderbilt News and Public Affairs has someone on call 24 hours/day, 7 days/week who can assist us (615) 322-2706. Their staff has the expertise to deal with potentially difficult situations, and in turn they can quickly access Vanderbilt expertise in Legal Services and Risk Management, providing a team to advise and to be well-prepared for possible outcomes.

We appreciate your cooperation with this important policy.