VKC Social Media Policy and Guidelines

A VKC-affiliated project who wishes to set up a social media account (e.g., Facebook, Twitter) should

  1. Review the VUMC Social Media Policy to become familiar with Vanderbilt policies and VUMC requirements.
  2. Consult with the VKC Communications staff to discuss the project’s objectives in using social media and its plan for managing its social media.
  3. Follow procedures outlined in VUMC Social Media Policy to request a Consultation. Note that there is a link on the Consultation page to a form that you must complete and submit. VKC projects must obtain approval from the VUMC Social Media Team prior to establishing social media sites.
  4. If the VUMC Social Media Team approves your project request, forward the approval to Elizabeth Turner, VKC Communications Coordinator, who manages VKC social media. Identify your site moderator and include Elizabeth Turner and Jan Rosemergy as Administrators on the site.

    VKC Communications and Graphics can assist your project in the following ways:

    • Elizabeth Turner will connect your social media site to the VKC social media sites to maximize impact and will provide you with the standard brief VKC description. VUMC Social Media Toolkit provides brief descriptions of major VUMC units.
    • Kylie Beck VKC Art Director, can assist your project with VKC logo and the site “dashboard.”
    • Moderator is responsible for gaining expressed consent for use of images, e.g., photos, images, video, text, artwork. VKC Communications is available to consult on consent questions and can provide consent forms. When linking to non-VKC or non-VU-produced videos, they should be related to the project’s mission or activities and generally be provided by or through a collaborator. If you have questions, please consult with VKC Communications.
    • Post disclaimer stating that the Moderator reserves the right to remove inappropriate comments. Moderator will check the site daily and remove any inappropriate comments. See Vanderbilt Social media policies for examples of “inappropriate.” If in doubt, consult VKC Communications.

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