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To the children of our nation whose hope lies in our caring and whose futures are our trust. ...

Nicholas Hobbs

Nicholas Hobbs Discovery Grants

Over 45 years ago, Nicholas Hobbs, Ph.D., envisioned a center focusing on research related to human development and developmental issues. A pioneer in furthering our understanding of human development, he was founding director of the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center.

Nicholas Hobbs Discovery Grant recognize the exceptional position of the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center as a leader in unlocking the mysteries of development and learning. Through gifts and volunteer resources, Donors advance groundbreaking research in human development.

Why should you invest?

The promise of a better future for people with developmental disabilities hinges on the success of scientific research. By "investing" in Discovery Grants, donors provide seed money for new innovative research projects.

In turn, findings from these innovative projects often lead to researchers' success in obtaining multi-year NIH and foundation grants.

To invest in a Discovery Grant, see the online giving form or use the mail-in form found HERE. Be sure to list “Hobbs Discovery Grant “ in the comments section so that your seed money helps fund innovative research.