Data Sciences [Core E]

Director - Hakmook Kang, Ph.D.


Provides statistical consultation in experimental design, efficient data collection and storage, statistical analysis, and interpretation of findings. Develops bioinformatics platforms for automation of data processing from multiple sources and implementation of less used or novel data analysis approaches in IDD research. Develops EMR and genomic databases in a range of IDD conditions, with related training and support.


  • Biostatistics Consultation and Education

    Consulting with researchers to help solve statistical and methodological problems, from design to final analysis, with specific expertise in bio-, behavioral, genetic, and neuroimaging statistics. Collaborating with investigators to develop novel statistical approaches. Organizes training series.
  • Platform Development, Complex Modeling

    Assists investigators in developing platforms that are complex, semi-automated, combine many types of data, and allow for rich queries.
  • IDD Database Development Leveraging BioVU/Synthetic Derivative

    Provides bioinformatics and data mining assistance to investigators to address gaps in phenotypic and genotypic understanding of IDD conditions.

Key Personnel

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  • Vanderbilt Department of Biostatistics
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