Miriam Lense, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor in Otolaryngology

VKC Member

Overview of Interests

Miriam Lense is a clinical scientist with research and clinical expertise working with infants, children, and adults with or at-risk for developmental disabilities, with a particular emphasis on autism spectrum disorder and Williams syndrome, Her research aims to better understand social, cognitive, and affective processes in individuals with or at risk for neurodevelopmental disorders through the approaches of auditory neuroscience/music cognition and stress biology. This research, which includes exploration of potential mechanisms, as well as novel, community-engagement and intervention approaches, aims to maximize opportunities for health, wellness, and community experiences. Themes of Lense's current research include the rhythm of social interaction and how this relates to language development and social skills, use of musical engagement in early childhood interactions and relationships with social development and emotional well-being, modulation of emotion and arousal levels via musical experiences, atypical sensory processing and musical engagement, and social connection and community building through music in diverse populations.

VKC Research Briefs Video: "Rhythm and Music of Social Engagement in Individual with Developmental Disabilities"